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Date: 1942
Mr. Al Sabath's ALSAB arriving at Narragansett Park 1942
Date: 1942
In the greatest race of this decade and one of the greatest of all time, Mrs.…
Rose Weaver performing
Date: 6/5/1980
Construction of the Pedestrian mall June 5, 1980 looking East on Main St.
Date: 1981
Demolition of the building on the corner of Main and Broad, probably March 1981
Site of William Jenkes House. Later site of Roger Williams Hotel. The Waldorf…
Draft horse most likely used for pulling the starting gate
Eddie Arcaro being honored with Judge James E. Dooley looking on.
Date: 1/1/1934, 9/4/1978
First Race Ran Aug. 1, 1934
1st Tiger John
2nd Home Loan
3rd Doubleton