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Date: 3/26/1922
A group of 13 young men in 1915 with an interest in keeping boys off the street…
Site of William Jenkes House. Later site of Roger Williams Hotel. The Waldorf…
Narragansett Park, Construction was begun on June 1, 1934 and the track was…
Gene Aldo Track Photographer
Rose Weaver performing
Date: c.1940
The Pawtucket Express that we all caught for our ride to Providence loading up…
Draft horse most likely used for pulling the starting gate
Date: 4/1978
Taken from the back stretch
Date: 4/1978
Taken from the in-field
Date: 4/1978
Looking East
Date: 3/21/1979
View of the clubhouse and grandstand taken with a telephoto lens from the…